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Under Investigation: National Union Fire Insurance Company / AIG

American International Group, Inc. ("AIG")

American International Group, Inc. (“AIG”)

We are investigating the National Union Fire Insurance Company (“NUFIC”) and American International Group, Inc. (“AIG“) for a potential class action lawsuit concerning (1) allegations of billing issues / assessment of automatic bank charges not agreed to by consumers (2) calls that may have been placed to cell phones without prior authorization. If you have any information that could be helpful, you are welcome to contact us.

Complaints about National Union Fire Insurance Company

Some consumers have complained about fees imposed by this company in a way they perceived as unfair and deceptive. Others have complained about calls they have received from this company.

Rippoff Report (37 Complaints)

Information about National Union Fire Insurance Company and AIG

The National Union Fire Insurance Company sells and provides insurance products to consumers and businesses. It operates as a subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (“AIG“) (formerly Chartis U.S., Inc.). The CEO of NUFIC is Mr. John Q. Doyle.  NUFIC’s primary place of business is located at 70 Pine St., New York, NY 10270. Their phone number is (212) 770-7000.  AIG is led by Mr. Robert H. Benmosche, whose yearly compensation is $10,573,900.  According to documents filed with the SEC, “In March 2012, the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. (NUFI), an AIG Property Casualty company, became a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Pittsburgh.”


American International Group, Inc.

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